Crane Operators & Forklift Training

Forklift Training & Cane Operators Training

Many companies do not comply with the minimum legal requirements when it comes to crane operators and forklift training. All employees using your equipment must be fully trained. The employer can be held personally liable for serious injury or death caused by an untrained driver. Even if your forklift or crane driver has years’ of experience. As an employer, you need to ensure that your drivers are certified at all times. Nobody should be driving without a valid license. Accidents happen, not having a trained forklift or crane driver will most certainly land you in hot water. We offer both affordable forklift training & crane operators certification.

The duration of the crane & forklift training course will be determined by the student’s prior qualifications. If a student has not done any crane or forklift training in the past, he/she will have to attend 5 days. This is a minimum legal requirement and cannot be amended to suit our client’s needs. Recertification for forklift training & operators training will only require one day.

Forklifts and Cranes Require the Following:

  • Maximum Students per Group 4.
  • A Previous Certificate (if recertification) Must Not be Expired Longer than 3 Months.
  • Certified Copy of Identity.
  • Certified Copy of School Certificate.
  • Optometrist Certificate.
  • Medical Report or Declaration.
  • Recertification 1 Day
  • Should Students not have had Training before, but Prior Learning Experience Training will be 2 Day (RPL).
  • If Students Have No Prior Knowledge, Training will be 5 Days According to the Law.

Forklift & Crane Training Advice.

We usually suggest that you train an extra employee as a back-up. If your primary forklift or crane driver is not available, you must have a trained plan b. Rather be safe than sorry. If you require any advice regarding your specific situation, feel free to contact us for more information. Always ensure that your forklifts and cranes are checked regularly. Keep a checklist of the dates you inspected your equipment. Make sure that your reverse hooter is loud and clearly identified.

Medical Examinations & Eye Tests for Drivers

Please note, we also offer all the required medical services required. We offer baseline medicals and eye tests. It’s not only a legal requirement, but also vital to ensure the safety of your staff. Having a forklift or crane operator with bad eyesight can be catastrophic. All tests are performed by qualified staff. We have a on-site occupational health practitioner.