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Welcome to Get Safety Training

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Welcome to Get Safety Training

Get Safety Training is a proud initiative by www.ThinkSafe.co.za. ThinkSafe is an easy way to find most safety related services and training brought to you by Life Aid.

We do our best to provide affordable safety training & services to both commercial and private clients. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the health & SAFETY industry. We supply a broad range of products and services to kick-start and maintain your occupational health & safety systems.

About Life Aid

  • More than 30 years’ experience in the industry.
  • Committed to economic and social upliftment in South Africa.
  • Flexible, tailor-made health & safety products & service.
  • We are your 1 stop health & safety solution.
  • HWSETA accredited, registration number: HW591PA0803054

Available Safety Training

We provide a very broad range of safety training courses. If you do not see the safety training course you are looking for, feel free to contact us. Below are listed our main courses. We also provide a wide range of shorter courses to accommodate almost every industry.

First Aid Training

We provide first aid training level 1 -3. Our first aid training is registered with the department of labour and HWSETA. We do our best to aim every course at your company’s specific needs. We can do on-site training. To qualify for this option, you need to book training for 10 or more students. We can accommodate smaller and larger groups. We specialize in all fields of first aid training. We offer first aid training for all industries. We often train employees, nannies, game rangers, fitness instructors, teachers etc. For most industries, a level 1 will be sufficient. We also provide a monthly open course to accommodate private clients.

Safety Rep Training

We provide the minimum safety rep training required by the department of labour. Our Basic safety rep course will be more than sufficient for your company safety rep. This course will outline the basic requirements for workplace safety. Every company should have a qualified, competent safety rep. The safety rep will have to ensure that the company and employees fully comply with the basics. This course will not generally be used for a professional safety officer. This course will be most effective for your appointed safety rep. Your safety rep will have to be appointed in writing. We can assist your company with your initial audit and paperwork. Feel free to request a no obligation quote.

Induction Training

It’s very important to ensure that every employee knows at least the basics. It’s naive to assume everybody understands basic safety and safety signs. To protect the company, it’s important to provide basic safety induction training. This will provide the company with the security that everybody has some sort of safety training. This can help tremendously if your company gets a serious injury or accident. It’s important to provide proof that the company enforces good safety practice. This is a very short course, but can have a massive impact in the workplace.

Fire Training

We provide both a basic and advanced fire fighting course. During this course, the student will learn a wide range of important steps to ensure your company is in good hands. Students will learn how to prevent, contain and extinguish a fire. We teach the students that prevention is better than cure. Your fire team will have to ensure that all extinguishers are regularly checked and serviced. It’s important to change the mentality of your fire team. Picking the right students for this course is very important. Having a great fire team can definitely benefit your company. This affordable fire training course can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Accident Investigation Training

One of the most effective ways to contain and prevent future accidents is proper accident investigation. All accidents and even near miss accidents should be investigated. This can dramatically reduce the risk in the future. Our accident investigation will be a great addition to our safety rep training. Knowing how to investigate accidents and injuries can eliminate the same event from repeating in the future. Accident investigation training can be done by both management of floor staff. The course explains the basic procedures to an effective accident investigation system.

Emergency Scene Management / Emergency Planning Training

We don’t often expect major emergencies at our workplace. This means that most companies do not have a proper procedure in place. Emergency scene management training can help you get a working system in your company. Emergency scenes can include fires, bombs, armed robbery etc. Emergency scene management training will provide the necessary information required to setup and maintain your procedures.

Construction Safety

The construction industry is a very dangerous industry. The main reason why construction sites are usually dangerous is the production deadlines and quality of tools. We have seen numerous sites where no proper P.P.E, lack of elevation tools & deadlines post massive risks to employees. Very rarely will you see a basic construction site with employees wearing the required harnesses and other P.P.E. The construction industry is not excluded from the OHS Act of 1993. Having proper construction safety training can prevent massive injuries. Construction safety training can protect both the employee and employer.

AID/HIV Training

With the shocking AID/HIV infection rate in South-Africa, it’s made very clear that our nation lacks sexual education. AIDS/HIV training simply explain what a lot of people take for granted; the prevention of AIDS/HIV. This course will explain in depth how to avoid, treat and live with AIDS. Included in this course are ample condom supplies for your company. All too often we see competent employee’s losing their lives to this mass killer. Educating your employees to prevent contraction of the virus is the best way to keep them safe.

Other Safety Training

We provide other safety training course for a wide range of industries. We offer affordable training to the culinary, construction and other industries. If you don’t see the course you are looking for, feel free to complete our contact form or contact us directly. If we don’t have the safety course you are looking, we will help you find it. We provide all the safety training required by the department of labour. Some of our courses are not listed above, depending on the demand of the course.


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